Baking Soda Beauty Tips By Lesley Dietschy

2017-09-17 | Beauty and health remedies,Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients,Simple Health and Beauty,Skin care
    Baking soda is a versatile and natural substance that is made from sodium carbonate, soda ash, or sodium bicarbonate. It is a known fact that baking soda has numerous uses including baking, deodorizing, everyday cleaning, and best of all beauty. Many beauty products can be created in the convenience of your own home using
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Sugar scrubbing – Homemade sugar scrubs

2017-09-11 | Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients
Sugar Scrubbing is a gentle way to exfoliate the skin just about anywhere on your body. A basic sugar scrub includes naturally...sugar and some sort of liquid and lotion or moisturizer. For a very simple sugar scrub mix some sugar with enough of your favorite body lotion to form a paste thats easy to rub into you skin. (more…)
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Get 1000 Paleo Recipes Today At Nearly 50% Off! – PaleoValley

2017-09-02 | Food and diet
If You Want To Make Delicious, Healthy, Fat-Burning Paleo Recipes Quickly And Easily, Then Please Pay Attention To What I Am About To Tell You. From world-class athletes to your next-door neighbor, millions of people agree that the paleo diet is awesome. (more…)
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