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How Beneficial is Paleo for my Skin, Hair and Nails?


Initially, when the paleo diet trend started, it was a hit amongst the men. Women generally avoided it because it all seemed very masculine and most women did not like the idea of being associated with cavemen.

However, the surge in popularity of the paleo diet saw it get more coverage in the mainstream media which then went on to highlight the benefits of the diet and make it look like the cure to our unhealthy, decadent eating habits.

More and more companies jumped on board and released an avalanche of paleo products to cater to this fanatic crowd. The moment commercial enterprises lay their finger on anything, one can expect slick marketing and a fashion trend. Paleo was not spared.

whole food paleo diet

More and more women started adopting the diet and seeing the benefits. One of the main benefits of the paleo diet that many women report is that it is very beneficial to their hair, nails and skin. Most men wouldn’t be caught dead mentioning these benefits even though they apply to males too. Cavemen with nice hair, nails and skin are not their idea of masculine.

The skin, hair and nails reflect our nutrient intake and display any abnormalities in our body extremely fast. That’s why your hair drops out, skin gets sallow and your nails change color if you’re afflicted with any illness. Even though these parts are not essential to our survival, they are excellent indicators of our health.

People who go on a paleo diet will be consuming nutrient dense foods such as eggs, nuts, meat, etc. These foods are rich in zinc and iron which are extremely important for nail and hair strength. With sufficient nutrients, your hair and nails will be strong, thick and have the glow of good health.

The foods recommended in the paleo diet are often rich in biotin which is another foundational nutrient for good hair, nail and skin health. The paleo diet contains more nutrients than the usual junk food that the average person eats which is just loaded with enough additives and unknown chemicals that may probably turn a white rat into green.

Modern society has seen a rise in the number of skin maladies. This is a direct result of bad food choices and harmful substances in our foods that we are not aware of. Leaky gut syndrome, inflammation and other nutrient deficiencies affect our immune system and make our skin susceptible to skin problems.

The point to note is that the body works synergistically. It works as a whole. Everything affects everything else. If your gut is having problems, it will be reflected in the skin. Your diet more than anything else is the deciding factor in how healthy you will be.

Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down. It is a record of your eating habits.

When you go on a paleo diet, you will eliminate sugar, processed foods, artificial additives and hydrogenated oils. All these substances are harmful and cause inflammation in the human body. In fact, inflammation in the body leads to a whole host of health problems that can be avoided if people were only aware that their bodies were inflamed.

When you go on a paleo diet and stop consuming these toxins, your skin will not be assaulted by the chemicals in these harmful foods. Your skin will be more supple and healthy.

Since the paleo diet is mostly comprised of wholesome foods and you are encouraged to have a balanced diet of vegetables and fruit, you will have adequate intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals. All these are crucial to gut health.

If you have a healthy gut, most problems can be avoided. You will most probably be in the pink of health. Your skin, hair and nails will be healthy because your body has all the nutrients it needs. Consuming empty nutrient foods such as a soda means that the body will leech away essential nutrients from the skin and bones just to process these foods that are really of no use to the body.

Your skin, nails and bones will definitely benefit from the paleo diet. You will look younger and feel younger. You will see your energy levels returning and little allergies and problems that may have seemed persistent and unexplained will disappear just as mysteriously. That is the power of the paleo diet.



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