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The Healing Health Benefits Of The Herb Basil

basil health benefits

Basil is one of the herbs that can be easily overlooked when you are talking about herbs for medicine or herbs for health of any kind. In fact, most people consider basil to be a cooking herb or diffused in an oil mixture for aroma. The truth is, there are several benefits to using basil in your natural herbal medicine recipes. Below are listed a few of those benefits with information on each.

Pain Reduction

Pain reduction is one of the leading reasons that people use basil. Basil can help with tension headaches, minor aches and pains, and muscle aches. The ideal way to do this is by infusing oils and lotions with fresh basil and applying the mixture topically. You can also infuse oil and use basil oil directly on the area. Though it can be used in tea, it will likely not be a flavor you would enjoy. If topical application is not an option, consider using dehydrated basil in capsule form.

Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation can happen to anyone, and it can cause a multitude of problems. For example, inflammation can increase headaches, joint problems, and tension throughout the body that can lead to anxiety. Basil can be taken orally in either a tea, food, or capsule form to help reduce inflammation. This can be done daily, several times a day, or as needed. You can even mix basil with various other herbs that help fight inflammation, like turmeric.

Immunity Boosting Properties

Keeping your immune system at its top levels, especially throughout the cold and flu season is vital. This is especially true if you have small children or a demanding job where getting sick is not an option. You can add basil to your daily juice or smoothie to help keep your immune system boosted. This is one of the easiest ways to get your daily immune boost, especially if your juice or smoothie is already fortified with orange juice or other fruit juices with a high level of immune boosting vitamins.

Keep in mind, basil is like many other herbs used for medicine. It can be found in various forms but fresh and as a tea are two of the best. You can also infuse oils for digesting or dehydrate fresh basil to have on hand when you need it. Just remember to store it in a cool dry place in an airtight container.

basil for overall good health

Basil essential oil

Basil – When it comes to essential oils from herbs, basil is one of the most common ones to use. It also happens to be more of a beginner-friendly type of oil. Basil essential oil helps with brain health and development, including improving your memory.

It is often given to people with Alzheimer’s disease or those suffering from depression.

In this modern world, people have become far more educated and aware of the drawbacks of traditional medicine’s pharmaceutical approach to treating common ailments.As the dissatisfaction with these methods becomes more common, people have begun to turn to mother nature as an alternative and this includes discovering the use of essential oils which have gained respect for their ability to help people deal with common ailments including the cold symptoms, allergies and flu symptoms.

Here are some different ways basil essential oil can be used to help with allergies.

What It Can Do For You

One major perk of basil essential oil is its support of the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands aid in the production of nearly 50 different hormones. These hormones regulate a multitude of bodily functions that are essential.

Basil is also very good at fighting viruses and other foreign agents. Studies regarding basil oil have shown that it has powerful antimicrobial properties, which makes it a valuable asset in fighting respiratory infections that can damage your lungs and other sensitive organs.

It even kills yeast, mold, and bacteria that can be dangerous to your system. Using basil oil can improve immune response by a noticeable amount.


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