Superfoods as Medicine by Oren and Mo

2018-04-08 | Beauty and health remedies,Food and diet,Natural ingredients
Whether it’s turmeric for cancer, coconut oil for weight loss, or ginger for arthritis, these foods have serious benefits. The good news? It’s all true! The bad news? There’s too much conflicting, confusing and misleading information online about using them. That’s why Oren and Mo have created How to Use Superfoods as Medicine: a one-sto
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15 Herbal Beauty Tips For Healthy-Looking Skin By Shahzad Musawwir Farid

2018-03-10 | Beauty and health remedies,Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients,Simple Health and Beauty
Healthy-looking skin is a desire that all we women suffer from! Such is our madness that we try every product that claims to give us glowing skin. We completely ignore the fact that glowing is an indication of our skin being healthy. And healthy skin is the only sure lasting way to have glowing skin. Packaged products work on our outward featur
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Green Tea – Beauty And Health Benefits

2018-02-27 | Beauty and health remedies,Food and diet
Green tea has become the miracle drink of recent years. It is mentioned as a cure for everything from stomach trouble to fatigue, from rheumatoid arthritis to tooth decay. People in the Far East have been turning to green tea for various ailments for centuries, so it isn’t surprising that the beverage has become a popular remedy worldwide.
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Beauty Tips – Everyday Basic Beauty Tips

2018-02-06 | Beauty and health remedies,Homemade beauty recipes
Learn some basic beauty tips that can help you choose the best beauty products and techniques for yourself. With the right advice, you can take care of yourself in a way that the professional beauticians do. Here are some neat tips to help you get better results. To open up your pores and have any blemishes removed, steaming is a wonderf
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Anti Aging Skin Care Truths and Techniques

2018-01-28 | Beauty and health remedies
Aging will definitely come to all of us. As we live our everyday lives, we also grow old. We all know what aging does to us. The process of growing old makes us frail, slower, and more likely to fall ill. Everyday, as we live, we become older and there is no denying the fact that our skin will give out the most inconvenient evidence that indeed, we
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Beauty tips – Using Herbs For Beauty

2018-01-27 | Beauty and health remedies
Herbs are often used for natural health remedies, but don’t forget about beauty! You can heal your skin on the outside and on the inside by using these 6 amazing herbs. Ginseng The reason this is at the top of the list is because ginseng has a long list of healing  properties. It truly is a versatile herb that heals your body and mind. You
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Aromatherapy eBooks — Learn How to Use Essential Oils the Easy Way – By Kyley Zimmerman

2018-01-23 | Beauty and health remedies
eBooks are a great time saver. You don't have to search all over the internet for reliable information, you don't have to print off any good recipes you do find, and you don't have to wait for your book to finally arrive in the mail. Instead, get essential oil recipes, tips and tricks on your computer, tablet or smart phone right now! (more…
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The Complete Guide To Self-Care For Women – Self-Care ebook

2018-01-10 | Beauty and health remedies,Mood balance
                                                                         Women's Wellness - The art and science of self-care   Are you a stressed-out, busy woman with no free time? Special Report Reveals the Simple Two-Word Solution That Strengthens Your Mind, Emotional Wellbeing and Body and Empowers
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Tips For Using Essential Oils in the Bath For Soothing Relaxation

2017-12-26 | Beauty and health remedies
  As you begin your adventure into using essential oils more often, one thing you might want to do is start using the oils in the bath. You can add them right to your bath water for aromatherapy, softer skin, and many other benefits. Here are some helpful tips to using the oils in the bath. Use the Tap End For Direct Oils There i
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Nail Care – How To Prevent Brittle Nails

2017-12-26 | Beauty and health remedies
Nails can define your hands in many ways. The shape and the look of the nails can make your hands look elegant and by using a good nail polish you can make them look even better. But if the nails are brittle then no matter how much you try to cover the fact up it will not work. Brittle nails can sometimes become so weakened that they break, spi
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