I’m Craving Something Sweet. Are There any Tasty Paleo Desserts?

2017-11-04 | Food and diet,Natural ingredients
One of the cardinal rules of the paleo diet is that sugar is a major NO-NO. This one rule scares off most people from the paleo diet.“How in the world am I to live without sugar?”… “Whaaat! No sugar??? You must be crazy!” That’s generally how most people will react. Telling them that they are sweet enough and sugar is not a neces
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The Effect That a True All Natural Skin Care Formula Can Have on Your Skin is Amazing By Laurel Levine

2017-10-30 | Natural ingredients,Skin care
The effect that a true all natural skin care formula can have on your skin is absolutely amazing. Ingredients such as plant oils, waxes, and extracts combined with specially developed protein fusions and carefully selected enzymes can seemingly perform miracles. These formulas will give you skin that is firmer, fuller, and more wrinkle fr
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Get Sauced by Kristen Boehm – Living Loving Paleo

2017-10-14 | Food and diet,Natural ingredients
The biggest struggle that I hear from others when they’re switching their diet is that eating real food is so boring or they’re spending far too much time in the kitchen. That’s exactly why I created Get Sauced, these sauces will make eating healthy delicious and new every time! This eBook will revolutionize the way you eat, as it makes it
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Coconut Oil – A Natural Remedy For Beauty And Health

2017-10-14 | Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients,Skin care
  Coconut as a whole plays a very important part in our lives. From leafs to the oil everything has become very useful to us. Coconut oil is widely used for your hair and many may have seen the results it has provided. With the growth in the market we have been exposed to n number of creams, which have proved to be worthless. In this st
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Is Cold Process Soap Making a Thing Of The Past? By Rene Whitlock

2017-10-01 | Beauty and health remedies,Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients,Simple Health and Beauty,Skin care
Cold Process Soap Making is a great way to make soap, but ....is this keeping up with changing trends and needs? Hot Process Soap Making allows you to get the same wonderful natural soap that you get from Cold Process, but it's ready to use within a couple of days.What could be better than that? (more…)
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Purely Primal Skincare Guide: Fix Your Skin! By Liz Wolfe

2017-10-01 | Beauty and health remedies,Natural ingredients
Countless people around the world struggle with skin and body issues of all kinds: acne, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, weak hair and nails, and – most importantly – frustration with commercial products filled with unnecessary, harsh chemicals. Not to mention the confusing territory of dealing with cellulite, anti-aging strategies, intimate car
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Baking Soda Beauty Tips By Lesley Dietschy

2017-09-17 | Beauty and health remedies,Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients,Simple Health and Beauty,Skin care
    Baking soda is a versatile and natural substance that is made from sodium carbonate, soda ash, or sodium bicarbonate. It is a known fact that baking soda has numerous uses including baking, deodorizing, everyday cleaning, and best of all beauty. Many beauty products can be created in the convenience of your own home using
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Sugar scrubbing – Homemade sugar scrubs

2017-09-11 | Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients
Sugar Scrubbing is a gentle way to exfoliate the skin just about anywhere on your body. A basic sugar scrub includes naturally...sugar and some sort of liquid and lotion or moisturizer. For a very simple sugar scrub mix some sugar with enough of your favorite body lotion to form a paste thats easy to rub into you skin. (more…)
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Almond oil and its many benefits for health and beauty

2017-08-19 | Natural ingredients
Almond oil is a vital oil extracted from almonds and is used for many beauty preparations, flavoring, and medicinal purposes. There are two varieties of almond oil,sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil. (more…)
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Advantages of the use of almond oil for the skin

2017-08-19 | Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients
Almond oil is excellent for sensitive skin because it is naturally mild.It is hypoallergenic, full of vitamin E and also works as an antioxidant. The ideal method is to apply it at room temperature.If you use it on an everyday basis, it is also a very good oil to help combat UV harm and any indications of stress. Benefits of Almond Oil for t
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