Dry skin factors and cures

2017-08-17 | Natural ingredients,Skin care
Dry skin is without a doubt one of the most common problems of the epidermis, other than pimples or acne.Someone with dry skin may just be in need of  moisture or they may well be dehydrated. With the absence of moisture, the epidermis may be liable to epidermal breakdown secondary to trauma, which may also result in infection if unmanaged.
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Homemade chickpea flour beauty masks

2017-08-17 | Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients
Chickpea flour is also known as Besan and gram flour and is among the most cherished elements in Indian kitchens.It is not just utilized in cooking however and is among the ancient remedies used for beautiful skin.It helps to tighten the epidermis naturally, eliminates dark spots from the skin and also gets rid of a tan with no trouble. Besan i
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Uses Of Apple For Your Skin

2017-07-07 | Beauty and health remedies,Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients
The properties of the apple are mind-boggling. It has been increasingly used for shampoos, conditioners, face wash and many more. It is a true candidate of hair and skin care. (more…)
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Apricot kernel oil beauty benefits – helps skin retain elasticity, clarity, and suppleness

2017-06-29 | Beauty and health remedies,Natural ingredients
  The apricot tree is a member of the rose family originating from Central and East Asia. The fruit, rich in vitamins is used to produce the pleasant smelling apricot kernel oil which is a very mild natural oil, often used in baby products because of its fine gentle texture. Apricot kernel oil is cold pressed and refined from the dri
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Homemade natural foot scrubs

2017-06-22 | Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients
Just as you make an effort to keep your skin from sunburn and damage it is also vital not to neglect your feet. For most of the year your feet are cooped up in shoes all day without much chance for them to breathe fully. (more…)
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Lemon myrtle – Organic skin care for natural beauty

2017-06-16 | Natural ingredients,Skin care
Lemon myrtle - taking care of your body both inside and out has become one of the most talked about and read about topics in the news these days. There are so many products on the market that a person could go crazy trying to figure out which one is the best. When it comes to organic skin care that uses only the most natural and virgin properti
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Homemade Natural Facial Skin Care Recipes

2017-06-11 | Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients,Skin care
    In today’s beauty-conscious society, women have so many options to choose from when it comes to skin care. They can choose in the variety of treatments and products that promise appealing, yet oftentimes superficial, beauty benefits.   Homemade beauty treats But you see, you don’t really need to spend a lot of money
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Beauty tip: The aspirin mask – good for oily and combination skin

2017-06-09 | Beauty and health remedies,Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients
   What is the aspirin mask? The aspirin mask is a homemade BHA mask available to each and everyone of us, totally inexpensive and highly efficient, made of salicylic acid or tablets of aspirin. BHA is known to help tremendously with cleaning pores from deep inside and therefore contribute to keeping our skin blemish-free. BHAs are effici
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Beauty tip – Any Time Home Facials

2017-06-05 | Beauty and health remedies,Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients,Skin care
You don't have to save the joys of pampering your self for special occasions.You can simply set aside time to pamper, renew and recharge yourself on a regular basis. (more…)
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Beauty Tips For Faster Eyebrow Growth

2017-06-01 | Beauty and health remedies,Miscellaneous
Our bodies are pretty amazing, features we view as only ornamental actually have their own special 'job'. Eyebrows are no different, they are located over our eyes to keep sweat from running down into our eyes. They can also enhance the overall beauty of your face. If you don't have the eyebrows you really want, there are some simple things you can
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