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Facelift Without Surgery – Facial Yoga

Facelift Without Surgery  -  Facial YogaBeauty InfoFacelift Without Surgery teaches simple face exercises for those who wish to LOOK YOUNGER using the combination of acupressure and facial massage regimens.

The program demonstrates how to attain a non-surgical facelift USING THE FINGERTIPS instead of the scalpel. It works fast! You can easily look a decade younger WITHIN 30 DAYS! Results can already be seen in as little as 4 days of starting this face yoga system.

Here’s the scoop on face gymnastics workouts… When acupressure facial toning is applied to the face and neck muscles, the underlying muscles become oxygenated. Simultaneously, elastin production is stimulated as the skin is stretched and contracted during face exercise routines, thus increasing the skin’s elasticity.

Elastin is the stuff that makes the skin springy and is present in the face and neck skin. Elastin gets depleted with age. Blood and oxygen is channeled to the muscles during the finger massaging and toning. The connective tissue against the bone, which holds the muscles and the skin, becomes more flexible and firm. So do the muscles.

Baggy skin starts to lift, wrinkles fade, eye bags diminish, and your complexion glows and becomes smooth. All because of the magic of facial exercises… Facelift Without Surgery has given tens of thousands of people magnificent non-surgical facelifts!

Wendy Wilken is a facial aerobics exercise practitioner and an expert in non-surgical facelift routines.

Facelift Without Surgery How do facial exercises work? Face toning flexes the muscles like a body builder using weights. This stretching and relaxing of the face and neck muscles during facial exercise workouts, builds and expands muscle fiber. The muscle pulls the skin towards itself and the bone, at the same time it expands in girth, thereby appearing more full.

A younger looking skin and smooth, shapely countenance with a glowing complexion is possible in less than a month. This form of natural neck and facelift firms sagging skin. It lifts hanging jowls, firms the cheeks, and yields a sharper jawline. Skin wrinkles and creases fade and eventually become totally indiscernible with time as yoga facial exercises are practiced. Facelift Without Surgery is the key to looking younger for ladies and gents – suitable for all ages!

An interesting fact… When conducting yoga facial exercises a slight burning sensation can sometimes be felt with the flexing and contracting of the toning workouts on the face and neck. So, what is this? This is a good sign. It’s not because of lactic acid being expelled like some so- called facial yoga experts claim, but fluid and blood flow being pumped back into the muscle and the skin. The more moist the skin and muscle becomes, the more supple they become, which is great for the entire area being exercised. This prevents and reduces wrinkles, increases the blood flow, and pulls up the baggy skin towards the muscle, leaving a firmer, younger face. Facelift Without Surgery will get the muscles in your face and neck firm and toned again!

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