yoghurt for sunburn

The vast majority of us try to protect ourselves from too much exposure to the sun. On occasion, however, accidents do happen and even though we may try to apply sunblock when we are going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time, we may be out longer than the sunblock lasts or perhaps we may miss the areas of the body. Whenever this is the case, a rather severe sunburn can take place but even if it is mild, they can still be an irritation and something that we would want to take care of as quickly as possible. One way that you may be able to do this is through yoghurt.

Most of us have tried yoghurt, and we might consider it to be a diet food but it is actually very good for the skin. This is especially the case whenever we have a problem with sunburn and we want to cool the skin and to prevent any problems from occurring, such as infection. It is important for you to make sure that you are using the right type of yoghurt whenever healing your sunburn and that you do it regularly in order for it to be able to do its job.

The type of yoghurt that you’re going to need is all natural and it is not the yoghurt that you typically find on the shelves of the grocery stores in your local area. As a matter of fact, that yoghurt is really nothing more than dead food and it is typically full of sugar and preservatives. At most health food stores that sell some groceries, you will be able to find yoghurt with living cultures and it will have a number of benefits that will help you to overcome your sunburn. Not only is it going to feel good against the skin whenever the yoghurt is chilled, it is also going to have antimicrobial properties and it will give your skin what is needed in order to heal properly.

If you really want to help your sunburn quickly, you can try adding a little bit of lavender or perhaps some apple cider vinegar with the yoghurt in order to make more of a paste. These also have anti-burn properties, and can help you to heal much quicker. Just continue to apply it on a regular basis and you will see a difference in how quickly the sunburn disappears.