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Homemade chickpea flour beauty masks

Homemade chickpea flour beauty masks

Chickpea flour is also known as Besan and gram flour and is among the most cherished elements in Indian kitchens.It is not just utilized in cooking however and is among the ancient remedies used for beautiful skin.It helps to tighten the epidermis naturally, eliminates dark spots from the skin and also gets rid of a tan with no trouble. Besan includes skin cleaning and lightening properties which promote radiant skin.

1.Chickpea flour and yogurt face mask:

Chickpea flour incorporates skin cleaning properties while natural plain yogurt consists of natural exfoliating properties which aids in natural skin renewal.. Using chickpea flour and yogurt face masks can help to rejuvenate your skin and additionally even out its tone. To make this paste, take two spoons of chickpea flour and add two spoons of yogurt to it. Mix together well and then add this paste onto a cleansed face.Then massage in circular motions and wash off with lukewarm water.

2.Chickpea flour and sandalwood face mask:

Sandalwood, also referred to as Chandan, contains skin soothing benefits which calm and help even out the tone of the skin.Also medicinal properties in sandalwood can aid to promote a  pleasing and blooming complexion.To make a paste, mix three spoons of Chickpea flour with three spoons of sandalwood powder. Add few drops of milk or water to get a thick paste then spread evenly on the face.Rinse off with cold water afterwards.

3.Chickpea flour and rose water face mask:

The use of this face mask is  good to be used on all kinds of skin but it is extra beneficial to oily skins. Chickpea flour helps to clear the grime and dead skin cells from the face whereas rose water calms the skin and promotes a natural pinkish glow. Take a few spoonfuls of cChickpea flour and add some rose water to it, mix  and put it onto the face.Relax for a time and then wash off with cold water.

4.Chickpea flour , malai and honey face mask:

Chickpea flour helps clear the skin whereas malai promotes a  moisturized complexion. Honey includes herbal humectants which promote hydration. To make this paste, mix equal amounts of chickpea flour,malai and honey. Combine together and place on the face. Wait unless it dries off and rinse with water. This is a great face mask for people dealing with a dry and flaking epidermis.

5.Chickpea flour , cucumber juice, and tomato juice face mask:

Tomato consists of skin brightening properties whereas cucumber is high in water content which helps to keep your complexion moisturized and hydrated. The use of this face mask helps to detox the face.Take 5-6 spoons of Chickpea flour and add cucumber juice and tomato juice until you get a thick paste.Mix and apply to the face. allow it to dry and wash off with clear water. Repeat this twice or thrice in a week to promote healthy renwed skin.

6. Chickpea flour and papaya face mask:

Papaya contains an active enzyme referred to as papain which proves helpful in advertising delicate and fine dermis. It proves useful in exfoliating your epidermis and additionally shrinking the huge sized pores. remove few spoons of besan and add some mashed papaya. If desired, add milk to get a thick consistency. apply the mixture on the face and let it dry. Wash off later.

7.Chickpea flour and banana face mask:

Add three spoons of chickpea flour and a few spoons of mashed banana together. Add some honey  and mix well. Make a thick paste and place onto a cleansed face. Leave on for up to twenty minutes then  wash off with cold water.Chickpea flour  detoxifies your epidermis whereas the banana carries simple nutrients which keep the skin cells healthy. Honey helps to soften your complexion. You can  add some yogurt to the paste instead of honey if you prefer to.



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