I’m Craving Something Sweet. Are There any Tasty Paleo Desserts?

paleo desserts

One of the cardinal rules of the paleo diet is that sugar is a major NO-NO. This one rule scares off most people from the paleo diet.“How in the world am I to live without sugar?”… “Whaaat! No sugar??? You must be crazy!”

That’s generally how most people will react. Telling them that they are sweet enough and sugar is not a necessity is going to put you in mortal danger.

The reason most people balk at the idea of cutting out sugar is because they have no idea of what the alternatives are. They only see the major sacrifices that they will be making. The ice-creams, cookies, candies, cocktails, etc. have all become out of reach. Comfort foods that they were used to since young are not allowed.

Don’t panic!

As a paleo dieter, you do have options. There are many paleo recipe books that are focused on creating yummy but healthy desserts while abiding by the core paleo concepts.

Almond flour, maple syrup, coconut oil and many natural ingredients are used to make brownies, shakes, smoothies, ice-creams, etc. In fact, many fruit juices when frozen on a stick will be just as good as any commercial sherbet that you may purchase. The difference is that on a paleo diet, your sherbet will be made out of real fruit juice and not some chemical concoction that was frozen and created to simulate real fruit flavors.

Cakes, brownies, cookies, ice-creams and most comfort foods can be made while on the paleo diet. You just need to know what ingredients to use to substitute to comply with the paleo requirements. In order to do this, it will be necessary to do some research and test out the recipes.

It may take some time for you to get the hang of it but once you can whip up tasty desserts paleo style, you’ll never need to worry about reneging on your paleo diet simply because your sweet tooth is demanding. For many people, just cutting and keeping some strawberries or pineapples in the fridge serves as a dessert.

They just need to eat something sweet. Initially, you may think, “But that’s so boring!” It may be boring… but obesity and inflammation is not exciting either. These are the consequences of eating commercially produced desserts and junk food.

It cannot be argued that even though paleo desserts may be sweet and yummy, it may take a while for the average person to adapt to paleo desserts. This is perfectly natural and understandable. Depending on when you made the switch to paleo, you would probably have been eating sugary stuff for years.

It will take time to adapt but if you stay the course and make paleo desserts to combat your cravings, within a space of weeks or a month, you will find that your cravings diminish to the point where you don’t even miss sugary snacks.

Once you have reached this point, you will truly love the paleo desserts and your compliance with the paleo diet will be very high because you have crossed the most difficult hump and conquered your sugar cravings.

Congrats on the job well done. You would have achieved something that thousands of people have failed at. This sense of achievement will be sweeter than any dessert you could ever buy.