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Get Sauced by Kristen Boehm – Living Loving Paleo

Get Sauced by Kristen Boehm - Living Loving PaleoBeauty InfoThe biggest struggle that I hear from others when they’re switching their diet is that eating real food is so boring or they’re spending far too much time in the kitchen.

That’s exactly why I created Get Sauced, these sauces will make eating healthy delicious and new every time! This eBook will revolutionize the way you eat, as it makes it super easy to get healthy fats and much needed nutrition.

Often, when you’re following a real foods diet, you can find yourself eating similar meals much of the time. I know this is the case for me, as I don’t have time to cook every single night, so quick meals are what get me through! These sauces will make even the most plain protein and veggies incredibly delicious! Just like all of my recipes these sauces are so easy to make! I’ve taken the extra steps to be sure that you can create these sauces even if you have the most basic kitchen skills and equipment.I made it my goal to create sauces that anyone could eat, despite food intolerances that go beyond paleo. This is exactly why just by simply taking a glance at the top of each recipe, you’ll know right away if they’ll work for you!

We tend to put such an emphasis on how hard it can be to change the way we eat, but I’m here to show you that this doesn’t have to be the case. The secret is all in the homemade sauces, as they take even the blandest of foods, transforming them into insanely delicious meals, and with hardly any effort!

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 12, I couldn’t understand just how much this disease would change my entire life. Over the years my doctors attempted to keep my disease in remission with medications, switching from one to the next, whenever they stopped working. I spent 14 years in and out of hospitals, stuck on medications, and feeling completely out of control of my own life.

Eventually I began to see the very dark side of medications, as they took a serious toll on my immune system, and my body became incredibly weak. I was scared to even be around someone with the slightest cold, as my body couldn’t fight anything on it’s own.

In early 2011 my disease had progressed to the point where my only real option was to have my entire large intestine (colon) removed. Never in a million years did I think I would get to that point, and yet I did.

This very major operation was supposed to be what would heal me. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and I continued to get sick. I was spending at least a few days a week stuck in bed, with hardly any energy, and on constant rounds of antibiotics. Life wasn’t at all what I had imagined for myself, but I wasn’t willing to give up.

Sometimes it takes hitting your rock bottom to finally change your life for good. That’s exactly what happened for me. I was no longer willing to be sick and would do whatever it would take to find true health. Little did I know that a simple shift in my diet would be the miracle I was searching for.

Through my own trial and error, I’ve discovered what does and doesn’t work. I’ve learned how to make eating real food completely sustainable, and so much fun, and now I want to share that with YOU!

Changing my diet gave me my life back, which is why I am so passionate about helping others. My main goal is to help as many people as I can, and I really believe that this eBook can completely change your life too.

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