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How to Make Your Own Lotion Bar

How to Make Your Own Lotion Bar

If you are looking to use something a little different in the bath, why not try a lotion bar? These can be applied to your skin during or after a bath or shower, which moisturizes your skin and keeps you from having to apply lotion to your skin after the shower. Lotion bars can be made at home with just a few simple natural ingredients. Here are some different types of lotion bars you can make if you want to give it a try.


Buttery Lotion BarButtery Lotion Bar

For a soft lotion bar that is going to moisturize your skin, use a variety of different butters. Butters that are really soft and silky for your skin are shea butter and cocoa butter. Use about the same amount of each of these ingredients for the lotion bar. You may also want to include some dry rice that is ground up or oatmeal that can be added to the lotion bar for gentle exfoliation, along with your own personal choice of essential oils. Choose oils that are strongly scented and go well together. This can be anything from lemon and sweet orange to lavender and mint. Be creative and choose oils that work best for your own preferences.



Coconut and Beeswax LotionCoconut and Beeswax Lotion Bar

Coconut oil is a wonderful natural ingredient to add to lotion bars since it is so moisturizing, inexpensive, and easy to find. If you are accustomed to making natural products at home, you probably already have some coconut oil in your cabinet. For this lotion bar, you will add the melted coconut oil to soap molds with beeswax and some essential oils. If you don’t mind not having a scent, all you need is one part coconut to one part beeswax. This is totally fine! To make it prettier, add in some dried herbs or flower petals to the lotion bar. Remember both the beeswax and coconut oil needs to be melted when adding it to the molds.



Fruity Lotion BarFruity Lotion Bar

This last lotion bar is going to be fruity and fun for a refreshing energy burst. While it can be customized for your own preferences, you should start with butter, beeswax, and oil to make it soft and work as a lotion bar. This might include some cocoa butter or shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax. In place of coconut oil, you can use jojoba oil if you prefer. Then add some fruit essential oils, like orange, lemon, or others that you like.



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