Nature’s Most Powerful Natural Healing Powers To Stop Your Hair Loss By Evan Miles

Nature’s Most Powerful Natural Healing Powers To Stop Your Hair Loss By Evan MilesBeauty InfoHair loss can have a devastating effect in every area your life – it can affect your performance at work, relationships with people around you: your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, friends, relatives, etc — everything just goes down south. I know how it feels , the more hair you lose, the more insecure… the more humiliated you feel.

So if you’ve ever felt embarrassed, insecure, or self-conscious because your hair is falling out… you are NOT alone.

You see, when I turned 29, I experienced an “awakening” of sorts. One morning, as I looked in the mirror and ran my hand through my hair, I suddenly realized my hair had seriously begun to thin at both front temples. I had what you called the dreaded “M” shape hairline — instantly it made me look 7 years older than my actual age. I remembered how I was standing there flabbergasted… staring at the mirror in disbelief, I mean… how could I accept it? I was only 29 for God’s sake.. How could I accept it ! “Why me??!” I loathed how I looked, absolutely hated it. But soon reality sank in that as shocked, as angry as I felt, I could not deny the fact, that the inevitable had happened, I was BALDING.

I would wake up and see hair on my pillow, in the bottom of the shower drain, in the sink, and on my comb. Every time I found another lump of hair on the pillow, in the sink, or in the shower drain… I’d feel depressed and worse. Each time I threw a clump of hair away… it felt like I was throwing a piece of myself and my life away.

I could not stop thinking about it. I could not shake it off. Over the weeks and months that followed, I became extremely self-conscious. I started wearing caps everywhere I went. I didn’t want anybody else to see that I was going bald! And that was when I tried everything!:

Long story short, each time I tried something new, I would get my hopes up thinking I had found a solution. And each time, I would be slapped on the face with a big let down when nothing changed. I began to feel depressed. I was starting to think I would have to live with no hair for the rest of my life.

I’d spend hundreds of hours online, researching forums, blogs, books and product reviews every day looking for the “secret formula”. My library quickly grew to over 320+ hair, health and nutrition books and I had read every word almost to the point of memorizing them.But I didn’t just read. I interviewed countless other hair loss sufferers and endlessly picked the brains of every doctor, herbalist, homeopath and naturopath kind enough to lend me minutes of their time and fragments of their expertise and knowledge only to find a solid solution to my hair loss condition!

After more than 5 years of diligent work and in-depth research on a daily basis, after experiencing several eureka moments and after long processes of trial and error and dozens of interviews and self-experiments, I applied my years of “training” to finally uncover the solution to natural hair loss.

I stopped my hair loss NATURALLY within the next 3 weeks. And I continued to apply the methods for another 4 weeks until it get’s better. What was truly amazing is how everything happened naturally without any pills, prescriptions or expensive drugs!

This information is not only important….It’s absolutely a critical, must-have, and a sure-fire way for anyone who wants to stop their hair loss and get back fuller and stronger hair than ever before.

I also started testing my system on other hair loss sufferers and it yielded the same shocking and ground-breaking results (some worked way better than ever expected!). In less than 9 weeks, an average 33 out of 33 men and women participating in my experiment had completely stopped their hair loss.

What’s even more exciting is that it worked on ALL types of hair loss & hair… Read more…