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Nail Care – How To Prevent Brittle Nails

Nail Care - How To Prevent Brittle Nails

Nails can define your hands in many ways. The shape and the look of the nails can make your hands look elegant and by using a good nail polish you can make them look even better. But if the nails are brittle then no matter how much you try to cover the fact up it will not work. Brittle nails can sometimes become so weakened that they break, spilt or tear very easily. It is the dryness in the nails which reaches to such an extent that they tend to break more often. Brittle nails are a common problem faced by many women.

Some of the causes for brittle nails can be due to excessive contact with water, detergent, or even because of overheating within the home or office, and constantly falling ill or increasing the usage of nail polish remover can also be a contributing factor. When it comes to being in contact with chemicals present in detergent or cleansers this can also make the nails very weak.

Nails can also be affected by an iron deficiency and if you like to go swimming frequently then chlorine in the water can be problematic for nails as well.

Essential calcium and fatty acids help to make yours nail strong  and lack of them can cause brittle nails to occur.Low levels of zinc, iron and also thyroid problems may also lead to brittle nails.

Some of the things which you can do to avoid brittleness of your nails

* Massaging your nails with castor oil frequently can help to keep your nails strong and healthy

* Whenever in contact with chemicals wear cotton gloves and on top of them rubber gloves as it would protect your nails from getting wet either by sweat or water

* Eating food like salmon, tuna, shrimp, trout, and including milk in your diet can  improve your nails.

* Keep your nails short if you know they are brittle


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