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Sleep Patterns And Female Health

According to recent surveys, around 35% of the female population is suffering from insomnia and disturbed sleep. Night sweating, headaches, fatigue, tiredness are slowly becoming a daily feature of a woman’s life. Are you one of them, who have started loosing their sound sleep and is lying awake even longer than before? If this type of sleeping disorder persists, then its time you should consult your doctor.

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Your body needs around 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily. But some people can do without it too! Some woman sleep for just 4 to 5 hours and stay healthy, while some may take 10 hours daily to counter the same level of stress. Well, the actual amount of sleep is an individual matter. A sleep deficit of only a few hours can result in irritability, fatigue, trouble with concentration, and our ability to stay alert. Additionally, insomnia is usually a symptom of an underlying problem, such as a psychological or physiological reason, diet, or it may be due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Here are some key points that a woman must take to ensure proper sleep patterns:


    1. Avoid going to bed either too hungry or too full.


    2. Stop smoking, caffeine, alcohol and other similar drugs.


    3. Keep regular patterns of sleep and rest during day as well as night, so it does not disturbs your biological clock.


    4. Make arrangements for a good comfortable pillow and mattresses. Keep the environment of your room neat & clean.


    5. Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Being fit helps make you resistant to stresses that can work to keep you awake at night and research shows that when people are active, they tend to rest better.


Incomplete sleep patterns can be very frustrating for women at times leading to depression of moods and depreciation of health. What makes this all so bad is that many forms of depression are natural, normal and temporary.. Likewise they can be relieved through safe, gradual methods using your body’s natural mechanisms.


As with other symptoms of imbalance, depression is your body’s way of sending you a signal that something is awry. Some advice to take antidepressants in this case, but it is not that advisable. Because they don’t address the underlying problem; they drown it. Therefore the best solution to all these insomnia problems is maintaining a good diet and a healthy routine.


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