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Smoothies Using Winter Fruits and Veggies

winter smoothies

One of the greatest ways to get your nutrition is through smoothies. That’s why they’ve become one of the most popular breakfast alternatives in the last decade or so, but just because these drinks are often cold, doesn’t mean that they have to stay back with the warmer months.These drinks are great year-round, and one way to bring them around to the colder time of year, is to make them using winter time fruits and vegetables.

On this page you’ll find some great ideas for some delicious winter smoothie drinks.

Cranberry Kale Smoothie

When you want a tasty power packed punch of antioxidants, berries are a regular
source. Kale is a high fiber food that is considered great for digestion and is full of
essential minerals that the body needs to do its daily repairs. This smoothie relies on…

One small bunch of kale leaves

½ cup of cranberries

1 cup of coconut water

1 banana

1 tablespoon of honey

Place all of the items in a blender, and puree until the contents
take on a smooth texture.


Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie

Sweet, oatmeal cookies are a favorite treat in many households. Oatmeal is known for
its ability to help with heart health because of its fiber content that helps the body to
eliminate cholesterol from the blood. This smoothie is both massively heart healthy, and
a good idea for people who are trying to improve heart health. Simply get a cup of
water, and a ½ cup of your favorite milk dairy or non-dairy and put it into a blender.

Then add – a sliced banana,

¼ cup of rolled oats,

1 tablespoon of raisins,

¼ teaspoon of vanilla,

1 teaspoon of cinnamon… and blend well.


Berry Blast Smoothie

As mentioned before, berries are a great source of antioxidants, so why not have a
smoothie with only berries?

Here is a super simple recipe

Take a ½ cup of frozen blueberries,

½ cup of frozen cranberries,

½ cup of frozen blackberries

blackberriesPop them altogether into a blender with a ½ cup of almond milk and blend until soft and smooth.

If you want to take this drink to the next level, you can try adding some chia seeds to the mix to boost the protein content. Then you can pour and serve your amazing treat!




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