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Is Cold Process Soap Making a Thing Of The Past? By Rene Whitlock

Is Cold Process Soap Making a Thing Of The Past? By Rene WhitlockBeauty InfoCold Process Soap Making is a great way to make soap, but ….is this keeping up with changing trends and needs?
Hot Process Soap Making allows you to get the same wonderful natural soap that you get from Cold Process, but it’s ready to use within a couple of days.What could be better than that?






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 You also don’t compromise the amazing benefits of the ingredients you put in your soap. You would if you make Cold Process. In cold process soap, you add the delicate ingredients before the chemical reaction takes place, but in hot process, you add these after. During Cold Process, you put everything together and hope for the best. Sometimes you lose the scent, especially with citrus essential oils, because it’s too delicate to survive the chemical reaction.

This is usually when soap makers add fragrance oil instead of natural scents. Fragrance oils are nothing more than a combination of chemicals to mimic what can be found in nature. The chemicals in fragrance oils are generally not disclosed, this can be the cause of a lot of allergic reactions and washing your skin with something you would rather not. What a shame to add these chemicals to an otherwise all natural soap.

You will notice in information sources such as Hot Soap Making- The Complete Guide, only pure natural scents are used.Most of the time you lose the benefits of the special oils you put in Cold Process soap. This is because the temperature during the chemical process raises so much that the minerals and vitamins become damaged and are no longer useful.

With Hot Process Soap Making, you do not risk the damage to this oil because the chemical reaction is done before the oil is added.The biggest out dated aspect of cold process soap making, is the amount of time it takes for the batch of soap to cure.6 to 8 weeks is a long time to wait for soap. Hot Process is ready in just 2 days.Getting back to the original statement. Times are changing. More and more soap makers are choosing hot process soap making over cold. The benefits can no longer be ignored and even die hard cold process soap makers are talking about the shift to Hot Process Soap Making. It’s faster, better and it’s more reliable.

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