Stress: Does It Alter The Way You Think?Stress is a feeling that is more than being alert or aroused. Stress can be triggered by a situation that you think is unmanageable.

It could be a real or perceived threat to your own survival whether it is physical or mental.

You might feel unable to cope, helpless, anxious, irritable, and forgetful and be unable to sleep.

It could occur during work or at home when demands made on you are greater than your own ability to cope.

You feel that you need to do something about it but being under pressure; you fear that you will end up as a failure.

How much stress you are under depends on how important the task is.

It is true that most of the mental stressors exist in the work place. Mental stressors such as fear, worry, being disrespected or threatened can alter the way you think. When stress response is activated that could be cause by one or many reasons, it may caused inability to concentrate and think clearly. Emotionally, stress can cause anxiety, depression, tension or anger. Stress can muddle our brain and cause us to have poor concentration, being forgetful, indecisive, apathy and hopelessness.

So in a nutshell, it is important to effectively reduce stress. It is best to understand stress and have a few good coping strategies to deal with stress more effectively.

dealing with stress10 Simple Techniques For Controlling Stress In Life

 The body will wear out more under constant distress without any relief. This might disturb the body’s internal balance leading to physical symptoms that might manifest as headaches, upset stomach and so on. However, some stress can be good as it keeps us alert, motivated, eager, and ready to avoid danger.




To be able to CONTROL your stress, these are just 10 simple techniques that can help to manage stress and able to lead a happy and healthier life.

  1. Most importantly, remember to breath. Counting 1 to 10 while breathing helps to clear your mind and destress.

  2. Manage time more effectively. Categorizing what needs to be done first helps eliminate unnecessary stress

  3. Try to voice out your feelings, opinions or beliefs when in a stressful situation instead of being angry, defensive or passive.

  4. Go exercise! Exercising regularly is a good way to distract your mind and help to keep your body fit.

  5. Eat healthy, nutritious foods. Food is what makes a body and eating nutritious food keeps your body healthy.

  6. Choosing a simple yet effective meditation technique that works for you can be a good stress relief exercise. Meditation is able to helps you to relax and in long term, can be good for the health.

  7. Try simple massages on yourself whenever you feel you are too stressed out while having a break. This can help reduce blood pressure and relieve any muscular pains.

  8. Listen to soothing music that suits you best. Search for music that calms you down and listen to it whenever you need to break away from all the stress.

  9. Laugh out loud! Laughter is a good way to relieve stress and bring down anxiety level.

  10. Give yourself motivation by repeating positive comments. It could be “ you could do this!” to “ I can finish this on time”, you will motivate yourself better and feel less distracted by the stress.