Superfoods as Medicine by Oren and Mo

Superfoods as Medicine by Oren and MoBeauty InfoWhether it’s turmeric for cancer, coconut oil for weight loss, or ginger for arthritis, these foods have serious benefits. The good news? It’s all true! The bad news? There’s too much conflicting, confusing and misleading information online about using them.

That’s why Oren and Mo have created How to Use Superfoods as Medicine: a one-stop guide that demystifies superfoods and tells you exactly how you can use them to unlock their full powers.




Superfoods as Medicine
Superfoods as Medicine

Here’s what people are saying about this super book;

What a wonderful book! The information is valuable and well summarized, the photos are high-quality, and the presentation and display is so inviting to continue reading and learning. You should print it as a hard-cover/soft-cover book; I would buy it for my shelves with other quality books. Congratulations Oren and Mo! You are valuable Canadians helping other people improving our health.” -Albert Trebla, Ottawa CA

It’s hard to know who to trust. Not every website combs through hundreds of peer-reviewed science journals to get the most accurate information like we do. (In fact, you’ll find a large bibliography of research at the end of our book!)

And not everyone pours their blood, sweat and tears into creating an extremely detailed and thorough one-stop guide to answer all your questions!

Alina is a leading expert in Holistic Nutrition and Resident Nutritionist at The Hearty Soul. She is a wellness speaker, the author of two books, and a healthy living writer who has had her articles and recipes shared by millions of readers around the world. She is passionate about translating the complex jargon of the scientific health world into language that is simple, practical and understandable for all. She believes the path to optimal health is through building sustainable habits in small, simple steps. One such habit she encourages is incorporating therapeutic superfoods into your daily routine, meals and lifestyle as much as possible!

Oren and Mo are two health-conscious entrepreneurs who have seen first-hand the impact that holistic, natural healing and simple lifestyle changes can have on lives. Since its inception in 2015, The Hearty Soul has quickly become one of the world’s largest information hubs on health and wellness. They pride themselves on connecting regular people with accurate, cutting-edge research and the insights of medical professionals who truly understand the nutrition and science behind healthy living.

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