Beauty tip – Instant relaxation and stress relief with tea bags



One of quickest and simplest remedies of all to help get rid of any stress or tension is with the help of the humble teabag.

There are so many varieties available these days,especially online. Chocolate teabags are always a wonderfully sweet and warming choice.The do a great range.

Lavender teabags can be used for ultimate relaxation.Amazon is a great place to find them as well as at

Vanilla tea is another sweet treat and very comforting and calming. Twinings do a very popular vanilla tea.

Basil tea,often known as ‘holy basil’  is very stress relieving and uplifting.Basil is also great for mature skin and is good for the circulation.You can find them at who also supply yogi teas honey and lavender stress relief tea bags. Continue reading “Beauty tip – Instant relaxation and stress relief with tea bags”