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How to Make a Healthy Vegan Hot Chocolate

Download article as PDF One of the most popular and nostalgic drinks of all time during the winter months is hot chocolate. Illustrations and pictures of families seem to be filled with this imagery, but for some, dairy can present a range of issues. What should you do if you’re a person who is trying […]

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Health By Chocolate: Why Dark Chocolate May Be Good For You

Download article as PDF New research shows that there are more reasons than ever to NOT avoid or deny your chocolate cravings all year long. Studies undergone in Italy reveal that dark chocolate has many of the same benefits as vitamin C and help the body to use insulin more effectively and also lower blood […]

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The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Download article as PDF For centuries, chocolate has been one of the most bought sweet tasting desserts in the world. But one thing that clouds the great attribute of this all-time favorite treat is the myth surrounding it that a food that tastes good can be bad for the health making chocolates  one of the […]

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