Ways to Use Tea For Beauty – Simple Tea Beauty Tips

2017-12-02 | Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients
  Tea is not just good for you when you drink it, but it can also work wonders for your beauty. It is inexpensive and can be used alone or combined with other natural ingredients. Here are some different ways to use tea for your natural beauty. Green Tea Eye Mask This eye mask is used around your eyes to reduce puffiness and lighte
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Beauty Tips – Ways to Use Coffee for Natural Beauty Products

2017-11-07 | Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients,Skin care
  Are you a fan of coffee? If so, you might be delighted to know it can help with your beauty as well. The texture of finely ground coffee beans is perfect to be used for exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. Take a look at these different ways you can use coffee for beauty. Make Your Own Coffee Scrub Coffee is the perfect consi
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Homemade natural foot scrubs

2017-06-22 | Homemade beauty recipes,Natural ingredients
Just as you make an effort to keep your skin from sunburn and damage it is also vital not to neglect your feet. For most of the year your feet are cooped up in shoes all day without much chance for them to breathe fully. (more…)
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