Anti Aging Skin Care Truths and Techniques

Aging will definitely come to all of us. As we live our everyday lives, we also grow old. We all know what aging does to us. The process of growing old makes us frail, slower, and more likely to fall ill. Everyday, as we live, we become older and there is no denying the fact that our skin will give out the most inconvenient evidence that indeed, we are aging. Continue reading “Anti Aging Skin Care Truths and Techniques”

Aromatherapy eBooks — Learn How to Use Essential Oils the Easy Way – By Kyley Zimmerman

Aromatherapy eBooks -- Learn How to Use Essential Oils the Easy Way - By Kyley ZimmermanBeauty InfoeBooks are a great time saver. You don’t have to search all over the internet for reliable information, you don’t have to print off any good recipes you do find, and you don’t have to wait for your book to finally arrive in the mail. Instead, get essential oil recipes, tips and tricks on your computer, tablet or smart phone right now! Continue reading “Aromatherapy eBooks — Learn How to Use Essential Oils the Easy Way – By Kyley Zimmerman”

How to Make Your Own Lotion Bar

How to Make Your Own Lotion Bar

If you are looking to use something a little different in the bath, why not try a lotion bar? These can be applied to your skin during or after a bath or shower, which moisturizes your skin and keeps you from having to apply lotion to your skin after the shower. Lotion bars can be made at home with just a few simple natural ingredients. Here are some different types of lotion bars you can make if you want to give it a try. Continue reading “How to Make Your Own Lotion Bar”

The Many Healing And Calming Benefits of Lavender

the healing benefits of lavender

Lavender is one of the more commonly referred to herbs when you hear about essential oils and sleep. In fact, there is a huge misconception that lavender is only good for sleep and calming. The truth is, there are several healing benefits of lavender that most people may not even know about. Here are a few of those healing benefits, what to know about attaining these benefits, and tips that you may need to know. Continue reading “The Many Healing And Calming Benefits of Lavender”

Lavender for relaxation


File:Lavender-flowers.jpgFor general muscle relaxation

Massage using two teaspoons of almond or olive oil mixed with 3 drops each of essential oils of Lavender can help bring relief.

Already in use by different civilizations for more than 2,500 years, this beautifully-scented herb has been used in the following ways such as perfume, disinfectant, deodorant, aphrodisiac, and insect repellent.

Lavender, the bushy perennial with the refreshing and delightful scent, has a long history of medicinal uses. It is calming and has an uplifting influence. Warm lavender tea applied as a compress can relieve a headache.

In bath water, lavender oil relaxes you, and gets rid of tension, thereby making you feel better.

Researchers have proven that it calms anxiety and provides natural stress relief.
A few drops of the essence of Lavender in a hot foot bath is often prescribed as a means of effectively relieving fatigue. If applied outwardly, it relieves toothache, neuralgia, sprains, and rheumatism.

In hysteria, palsy and similar disorders of debility and lack of nerve power, Lavender will act as a powerful stimulant.