How Massage Can Improve Your Mood

2017-12-07 | Mood balance
We all know how a good massage can make us feel relaxed and give us a better outlook on life. However, did you know that there are many real health benefits to massage? Regular massage has amazing mood-boosting abilities that will have your overall mental outlook improved in ways you did not think possible. Massage Changes Immune Function I
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Stress Management through the Use of Flowers

2017-11-04 | Mood balance
  Roses, as some might say, are part of the  stereotypical gifts men give women, along with chocolate and wine. Lotuses tend to be associated with narcotics and opium dens by some, likely due to the lotus being a popular motif in depictions of organized crime in early 19th century China. Chrysanthemums and peach blossoms once had
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Can Omega 3 Reduce Stress and Improve Moods?

2017-10-02 | Food and diet,Mood balance
Can Omega‐3 really help reduce stress  and improve moods?   Yes...Omega‐3 can help reduce the effects of anxiety, depression and stress, helping to improve your moods. (more…)
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