4 Self-Care Rituals You Can Work Into Your Day

2018-03-01 | Mood balance
Juggling work and family leaves us with little time for ourselves. Traditionally we have been taught to put others before ourselves, particularly so because we are women. However, if we are to care for others it is absolutely imperative that we care for ourselves first. We must maintain our own health and well-being if we are to care adequate
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Music to alleviate symptoms of stress and help you to relax

2018-02-27 | Mood balance
Listening to music does wonders to alleviate the symptoms of stress. Everyone has different tastes in music. We should listen to the kind of music that makes us feel comfortable. Sitting down and forcing yourself to listen to relaxation music that you don't like may create stress, not alleviate it. Music is a significant mood-changer and
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Tips For Using Essential Oils in the Bath For Soothing Relaxation

2017-12-26 | Beauty and health remedies
  As you begin your adventure into using essential oils more often, one thing you might want to do is start using the oils in the bath. You can add them right to your bath water for aromatherapy, softer skin, and many other benefits. Here are some helpful tips to using the oils in the bath. Use the Tap End For Direct Oils There i
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Discovering Daily Spontaneous Moments For Self-Care

2017-12-11 | Mood balance
Living in the twenty first century is a hectic, fast-paced, and stressful experience for many of us. Trying to juggle work, family, and social lives is a constant pressure with very little time for chilling out and relaxing. Finding time for self-care can be challenging, especially as women, who have often been taught to put everyone else’s n
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Relaxation: Relieve Stress And Improve Your Well-Being

2017-12-08 | Mood balance
Not only should relaxation be mandatory, but regularly scheduling breaks for yourself will only improve productivity over the long haul, as you are fully able to dedicate to your work when you resume. Need to be sold to why you need relaxation in your life? Then let’s check this out! Discover relaxation with simple yoga and breathing ex
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Massage Therapy For PTSD – Insomnia – Relaxation

2017-12-07 | Mood balance
In the world we live in today, more and more people are being diagnosed with the condition known as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Though originally associated with military service men who have returned from active duty, PTSD has infiltrated all levels of society, affecting even children. What Is PTSD PTSD results in the ability
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How Meditation Helps During the Holiday Season

2017-11-21 | Mood balance
There is no denying that the holidays can be stressful. You’re being pulled in so many directions and so many events. Plus the added expense of holiday keeps piling up.It doesn’t have to be this stressful and one activity that you can do will help. What might that activity be? Meditation. You Will Increase Your Energy By meditating du
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3 Easy Ways to Help Keep Stress Down During the Winter Holidays

2017-11-18 | Beauty and health remedies,Mood balance
  All of the get togethers, decorating, shopping, driving around and gift purchasing can add stress to your life. The holidays are not supposed to be like that and one way to help with your stress and anxiety is to get regular physical exercise during this time. Like you have time right between all of the activities, right? Make the
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The Many Healing And Calming Benefits of Lavender

2017-11-06 | Beauty and health remedies,Mood balance,Natural ingredients
Lavender is one of the more commonly referred to herbs when you hear about essential oils and sleep. In fact, there is a huge misconception that lavender is only good for sleep and calming. The truth is, there are several healing benefits of lavender that most people may not even know about. Here are a few of those healing benefits, what to kno
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Beauty tip – Instant relaxation and stress relief with tea bags

2017-04-24 | Miscellaneous,Mood balance
    One of quickest and simplest remedies of all to help get rid of any stress or tension is with the help of the humble teabag. There are so many varieties available these days,especially online. Chocolate teabags are always a wonderfully sweet and warming choice.The republicoftea.com do a great range. Lavender teabags
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