Women Today – Am I Beautiful? By Liz Maxwell

Women Today - Am I Beautiful? By Liz MaxwellBeauty InfoBecause the air-brushed “beauties” in ads looked nothing like what she saw in the mirror – she was sure she was not a beauty.

So, she started working hard to look her best… Spending hours in front of the mirror searching for the beauty she wanted so badly to see.

And sometimes she did feel pretty… But more often, all she could see were her flaws… And certain that was all anyone could see… She felt ugly.

But she took it for granted, thinking things would stay this way forever… Until sometime in her late 20’s or early 30’s – when time finally caught up with her.Because right up to that moment – aging – or “getting old” – was something that happened to other people… Not to me!

Because for a while there, I felt old every time I looked in the mirror… And to be honest – I even considered plastic surgery (for the first time).After years of wading through thousands of dollars in disappointing “anti-aging” potions… wasting countless hours searching for something real.

Being prettyAnd I believe that with all the solutions out there today, every woman can find one that’s perfect for her too… if she knows how.


The #1 most dramatic sign of aging according dermatologists and what to do about it (I bet it’s NOT what you expect!)

The biggest anti-aging LIE in the cosmetics industry – this may be taking money out of your pocket right now.

The 3 biological problems that make our skin “look old” (ignore these and they only get worse) .

The #1 way to spot fake anti-aging cosmetics and the 4 traits ALL quality anti-aging solutions share.

And my 1-minute skin-care routine that makes me look younger within 1 hour (and my results keep getting better with time!)

My hope is that, even if you choose NOT to use my exact routine – you’ll be able to use what you learn here to wade through the anti-aging hype.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but all that money has attracted cosmetic con artists who prey on our insecurities to sell us stuff that doesn’t work.

That’s why we’re never satisfied with our results – because they’ve got us focused on the wrong things… So, we keep on buying more of their bogus cosmetics in search of “the one” that works.

That’s because “moisturizer” doesn’t address the real cause of wrinkles like today’s science-based solutions.

And while we’re on the topic – the very fact that anti-aging products are so focused on wrinkles is a misdirection.

I think it’s because we lean in and focus on our faces in the mirror… so we study and memorize those wrinkles up close and personal.

And as for those wrinkles – plastic surgeons say those wrinkles we hate so much… They only make up about 18% of what others see when we’re talking to them.

Turns out grandma was right when she said, “Whatever you do up here” gesturing to her face… “You’ve got to do down here” gesturing to her neck and neckline.

Now you can verify all of this for yourself, but here’s what I discovered in my research… These 3 “old skin” issues are all caused by biological changes that occur as we age.

When you know the 3 reasons your skin looks and feels old – you can find natural ways to address… Read more…