Candida Diet Solution – 60-Day Long Anti-Candida Strategy

Candida Diet Solution - 60-Day Long Anti-Candida StrategyBeauty InfoOne of the most important and common symptoms of candida overgrowth – chronic fatigue and tiredness are caused by candida albicans induced nutritional deficency. Fatty acids, vitamin b6 and magnesium defficiences created by yeast are known to be responsible for long lasting lack of energy. Extremely serious and energy-draining it is often accompanied by headaches, trouble with concentration and difficulties with memory. Even providing your body with the neccesary elements and nutrients can mean nothing if they are not properly absorbed. Balancing stress, diet, and sleep should be number one on your list, if you’re trying to regain normal energy levels throughout the day.

Brain fog, poor concentration and difficulties with memory are also one of the most common symptoms of candida overgroth. Caused by acetaldehyde – a chemical produced by candida – lack of focus along with mood changes are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of this condition. A balanced diet limiting sugars, preservatives and additives can get rid of the excess of acetaldehyde in your bloodstream, balancing the amount of vitamin b1 and oxygen in your blood – blood, which is responsible for bringing the oxygen to your brain – helping with preventing mental fatigue and brain fog.

Candida overgrowth can supress serotonin production. Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitter functioning as a mood booster/stabilizer. Produced mostly in the gut, can be easily influenced by yeast infections, not unlike dompamine, another extremely important neuotransmitter responsible for the way we feel and function. People suffering from candida overgrowth often experience symptoms common to other conditions – like mood disorders and depression. It often leads to depression-like symptoms, and depression itself. Balancing our lifes, getting rid of stress and inflammation combined with better sleep and diet are absolutely necessary for a badly needed mental recovery.

Candida overgrowth is infamous for causing a multitude of intestinal problems. From Leaky Gut Syndrome and food sensitivities, to digestive issues and imbalanced gut flora. When yeast overtakes our guts, the healthy bacteria in our bodies become defenseless and not capable of maintaining our immune system intact. Embarassing symptoms of intestinal distress like flatuence, bloating and burping are nothing when compared with our bodie’s inability to properly digest starches, sugars and fibers. Without a proper diet and undertaking necessary steps the ‘good bacteria’ in our guts is unable to survive in this environment, leading to even more symptoms and visible signs of candida yeast infections.

Our mouths are particulary vurneable to candidiasis. Antibiotics, diet high in sugars and other bad dietary chices can (and will!) change the microbiological environment not only in the mouth, but in the whole digestive tract, making it a perfect place for a candida overgrowth. Untreated, it can spread to esophagus, lungs, liver and even to heart valves. Painful, and embarassing, Oral Thrush can be stopped by following a simple, but effective plan – including changes mentioned in our two-months long strategy.

A weakened immune system is often what allows candida albicans to attack our bodies in the first place (but it also can be weakened by this condition). Immune system not working correctly can lead to even more problems with our bodies. The part of our guide describing the immune system recovery will give you simple instructions you will need to get through the rehabilitation process in the most accessible way.

The most persistent, visible, obvious and embarrasing sign of a candida overgrowth in the body is a multitude of recurring infections. Fungal infections of the skin, nails, sinuses, and of the genital area showing up and persisting for long periods of time are a clearly visible sign of a chronic candida infection. Antibiotics used to treat infections only cover the symptoms for some time, but are unable to treat the root cause of the these conditions. Changing not only your diet, but the whole envoroment is absolutely necessary to rid of this uncomfortable and systemic condition. Starting our 60-day long strategy as soon as possible is the first step in reqaining ones health and biological balance.

Uric acid build-up commonly leads to gout – a painfull form of arthritis. Produced by candida, this toxic chemical causes long-term painfull attacks usually in hips and knees. Very difficult to get rid of, simply because the underlying cause – candidiasis – must be addressed. Untreated can lead to bone infections or osteomyelitis – a persisting and annoying condition sometimes even leading to a surgery.

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