Tips For Using Essential Oils in the Bath For Soothing Relaxation


As you begin your adventure into using essential oils more often, one thing you might want to do is start using the oils in the bath. You can add them right to your bath water for aromatherapy, softer skin, and many other benefits.

Here are some helpful tips to using the oils in the bath.

Use the Tap End For Direct Oils

There is some controversy about adding essential oils directly to the bath, related to whether or not they should be diluted first. This is really up to you and you should experiment first to see how your skin reacts.

If you have extra sensitive skin, a current sunburn, or other skin issues, it is best to dilute them first. However, if you think your skin can handle it, try just a few drops added to the bath directly.

Make sure they are added to the tap end of the bath, running them under the water first. Don’t use more than 3-5 drops if you are not using a carrier oil. Continue reading “Tips For Using Essential Oils in the Bath For Soothing Relaxation”

How to Make Your Own Lotion Bar

How to Make Your Own Lotion Bar

If you are looking to use something a little different in the bath, why not try a lotion bar? These can be applied to your skin during or after a bath or shower, which moisturizes your skin and keeps you from having to apply lotion to your skin after the shower. Lotion bars can be made at home with just a few simple natural ingredients. Here are some different types of lotion bars you can make if you want to give it a try. Continue reading “How to Make Your Own Lotion Bar”

Beauty Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

Beauty Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

Have you been looking for an ethical, animal free and safe way to replace your traditional beauty products? Many people are looking for different ways to take care of their skin and beautify without relying on artificial chemical containing products.

Fortunately, many natural processes give you useful and versatile products that you can use in everyday life. One of these natural products is apple cider vinegar. This acidic liquid can be used for everything from cleaning to food, and it is also very affordable. Continue reading “Beauty Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar”

Beauty tip – Detoxify Your Body In 30 Minutes With A Bath

detox bath at home
Dealing with all of the environmental toxins today, can be quite aload on the body. A simple way to help combat these toxins is to take a detoxification bath. In spas today, the use of water therapy is very popular. Bathing in waters that contain various healing ingredients can help to release toxins, promote energy, circulation and well being. Continue reading “Beauty tip – Detoxify Your Body In 30 Minutes With A Bath”