Try These 5 Uses For Rose Essential Oil

Download article as PDF   It is a good idea to add rose essential oil to your collection, since it can help with both mental and physical ailments. Here are 5 different ways to use rose essential oil. 1. Relieve Depression Rose essential oil has both mental and physical benefits, but let’s start with the

Stress: Does It Alter The Way You Think?

Stress: Does It Alter The Way You Think?Stress is a feeling that is more than being alert or aroused. Stress can be triggered by a situation that you think is unmanageable.

It could be a real or perceived threat to your own survival whether it is physical or mental.

You might feel unable to cope, helpless, anxious, irritable, and forgetful and be unable to sleep.

It could occur during work or at home when demands made on you are greater than your own ability to cope.

You feel that you need to do something about it but being under pressure; you fear that you will end up as a failure.

The Healing Health Benefits Of The Herb Basil

basil health benefits

Basil is one of the herbs that can be easily overlooked when you are talking about herbs for medicine or herbs for health of any kind. In fact, most people consider basil to be a cooking herb or diffused in an oil mixture for aroma. The truth is, there are several benefits to using basil in your natural herbal medicine recipes. Below are listed a few of those benefits with information on each.

There Is A Natural Remedy For Depression

If you have ever been fighting depression, how many times has a friend or colleague told you to snap out of it and thought they were solving the problem?

Well depression isn’t like that. It is a deeply rooted problem that will not be cured overnight with some simple advice from someone that is not dealing with your real feelings.

But that is not to say that a solution to depression can’t be improved with the way you think and live your daily life.